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12V TOUCH PRO Lithium-Ion 4Ah Battery

Product Code: TB124A / 100925932

prod feature
  • Powerful 4Ah Battery
  • Super light and compact
  • Air cooled and lightweight
  • 909’s TOUCH PRO technology
  • Operates with the 909 Diagnostic Fast Charger 7110

Touch products can use the most Powerful 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion batteries available allowing heavy duty applications to be handled with ease.

The 4.0Ah delivers up to 2X more tool performance and up to 3X more run time than normal 1.3Ah batteries.

Super compact, air cooled and lightweight so the user can manage their workload. 909’s TOUCH PRO technology monitors and balances individual cells to maximise run times, storage life and safety.

The battery operates with the 909 Diagnostic Charger 7110.


  • 1 x 12V TOUCH PRO Lithium-Ion 4Ah Battery


  • 7110 –12V Global multi voltage charger for all TOUCH executions.

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