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20V 4Ah TOUCH PRO Lithium Brushless Drill Driver with 13mm ½” Single Sleeve Keyless Chuck

Product Code: T204

prod feature
  • Intuitive Touch Variable Speed Control
  • 20V Professional Mabuchi Hi Performance Grade Motor
  • Brushless motor provides extended runtime and increased product and service life
  • 2 X Premium 4 Amp Hour Lithium-Ion batteries
  • 2 Speed Side Action gearbox


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  • Intuitive Touch Variable Speed Control Instantly change from forward to reverse by applying pressure on the direction you desire.
  • 20V Professional Mabuchi Hi Performance Grade Motor provides plenty of controlled speed to tackle a wide variety of applications
  • Brushless motor provides extended runtime and increased product and service life
  • Premium 4 Amp Hour Lithium-Ion battery technology for world leading longer drilling run times, increased battery life with no battery memory effect with enormous power benefits.
  • 2 Speed Side Action gearbox allows one handed operation to change between high or low speed.
  • 1 Hour fast charger ensures rapid recharges and increases productivity.
  • Battery Charger LED diagnostic system visually informs power level of battery pack and charging status.
    13mm ½” keyless chuck 
  • 17+ 1 stage clutch allows 17 alternative precise torque selections
  • Variable speed reversing TOUCH VSR that permits the selection of the correct speed for the application
  • Extensive rubber overmould on drill, drill handle and battery packs
  • Super bright LED lights up your work area to ensure safe operation
  • Belt Clip On the job anywhere your TOUCH drill will be at the ready by your side
  • Wrist Strap allows the tool to be held in an alternative way without dropping it

Technical Specifications:
Product Code: T204
Product Description: 20V Lithium 4Ah TOUCH PRO Brushless Drill
Driver with 13mm ½” Single Sleeve Keyless Chuck.
Battery Voltage: 20V
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion, 4Ah
Variable speed: Touch Control Electronic
Chuck Capacity : 13mm ½” Single Sleeve Keyless
Charge Time: 1 Hour
Warranty: 909 days

  • 1x 20V TOUCH PRO Brushless Drill / Driver
  • 2 x 20V 4Ah Battery Pack
  • 1 x 20V Battery Charger
  • 1 x Cable assembly for Charger
  • 1 x Belt Clip and assembly screws
  • 1 x Carry Strap

Following accessories are available:

  • 20V 4AH Lithium-Ion Replacement Battery
  • 20V 2AH Lithium-Ion Replacement Battery
  • 20V 1 Hour Charger

Why are Lithium-Ion batteries better than traditional Ni-Cadmium?
Lithium-Ion offers significant benefits over Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries such as the ability to produce a higher output power longer, none of the special charging/discharging requirements and with fantastic shelf life. This means longer drilling run times, increased battery life and no battery memory effect.

When should I charge the battery?
New batteries are shipped in a low charged condition and should always be fully charged before use. The battery pack can be recharged at any time during use, provided the pack is not overheated.
If the battery pack starts to cut out due to low voltage it is suggested to stop using the tool and recharge the battery. For storage, it is suggested to recharge the battery between 50% and 75% charge.

What is TSG and how does it work?
Your 20V 909 drill driver is equipped with the innovative TSG (Touch Sensor Grip). The TSG system incorporates a fully electronic control system which operates the tool on pressure applied to the Touch area, instantaneously allowing operation between Forward and reverse. Tools fitted with TSG are truly a left and right handed tool, easy to operate and is the latest technology in Power Tool development.
To activate and use the TSG, follow these directions:
1. Hold the tool naturally, with your index finger on the Forward Touch Pad and the middle finger on the Reverse Touch pad.
2. Firmly press the Forward and Reverse Touch Pad at the same time to activate the tool. Both LED work light and Power Consumption LED will light up to indicate a successful activation.
3. Release the fingers from Forward and Reverse Pad. The tool is awakened from the sleep mode and ready for use.

How do I adjust the torque?
This drill is equipped with 17 torque settings, and one drill setting which are controlled by the torque collar. To adjust the torque setting, rotate the torque collar. Rotate the torque collar to a higher number to increase the torque setting and rotate it to a lower number to decrease the torque setting. Controlling the torque allows for better control when using the drill on specific tasks and prevents over-fastening and over-tightening. For drilling, always use the Drill position. For setting the torque position, select a low setting on the torque collar and align the selected symbol with the triangular indicator on the top of the drill. Increase graduallyto set the correct torque. It is better to use a scrap piece of material if possible to set the torque and then apply this setting when completing your main task.